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Gifted Education

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Holly Smigal
Learning Resource Teacher
MD Gifted and Talented Educational Specialist



Identification for Gifted Services

The process has been developed following state guidelines, Annotated Code of Maryland 8-201 and the Bridge to Excellence in Public Schools Act 5-401. Children who were identified last year for gifted services for this school year remain in the program and do not need to go through the screening process. However, if a child is struggling and the teacher or parent recommends that the child’s program be changed, the screening committee will review all data and concerns. The committee can change the child’s placement in gifted services based on student progress and new data. Parents will be notified in advance if their child’s gifted services program is under review by the screening committee.

Screening is the process of creating a list of all students who may need gifted services based on qualifying data from the assessments listed below or nominations made by teachers or parents. Once a child is on the screening list their parents will be notified and additional information will be requested. All available academic and performance data is collected on each child and will be reviewed in order to identify students who need services.

Only students from grades 2-5 will be selected for the screening process. The Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) is being used to select student candidates. Parents of candidates for the screening process will be notified in December. **Due to virtual learning, the CogAT testing dates are still to be determined.

Parents of students being screened will be requested to complete an observation inventory via email. Please take the time to complete this inventory as it is the parents’ opportunity to have input into the screening of your child for gifted services.

Teachers and parents may also nominate students for the screening process. The nomination period for this year will begins immediately. Nomination forms need to be returned as soon as possible. Parent nomination forms are available in the Documents section at the bottom of this page. Parents and teachers who want to recommend a student for gifted services must complete the nomination form and return it to Mrs. Smigal.

In January, a committee of school professionals will meet to review each child’s profile and determine their qualifications for gifted services. Students will be monitored through the rest of the year to determine if gifted services are needed and placement will be determined in May. A letter will be sent home in late May to inform parents of the committee’s decision regarding gifted services for their child. If you have any questions about the process or gifted services please contact Mrs. Smigal at

Maryland MENSA

Maryland Mensa is developing BRIGHT (Bringing Resources and Involvement to Gifted Homes Together) to serve the needs of gifted youth, their families, and their educators. BRIGHT provides opportunities tailored to the unique interests of gifted youth and a supportive community of intellectual peers. In addition BRIGHT offers a parent to parent support network, an Intellectual Leadership Program and more. Youth interested in joining must take the Mensa Admission Test or provide evidence of qualifying scores from standardized testing. You can email Kristine Poptanich, the Maryland Mensa Gifted Youth Coordinator, with specific questions. View the Maryland MENSA website for more information.

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